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2018/10/06  Between By Kosuke Masuda Presents by MASH SF


この週末、サンフランシスコELL galleryにて友人の増田孝祐氏が、同じく10年来の友人であるMASH SF主催のもと、初の個展を開催しています。


今回僕らAbove Bike StoreからもRod Geezer Crankをサプライヤーとしてパーツ提供をさせて頂きました。

MASH SF, NITTO, MKS, IZUMI, ABUSそうそうたるサプライヤーの中に僕達が作っているRod Geezer Crankがピックアップして貰えた事は光栄で、とても幸運なことです。

Please join us in San Francisco for Kosuke Masuda's first solo exhibition with MASH SF at ELL gallery in San Francisco. BETWEEN opens this Friday, October 5, 6 - 9 pm. The show will feature a newly completed series of carvings, which includes those on a bicycle. Supporters are: MASH SF, NITTO, MKS, IZUMI, ABUS and ABOVE BIKE.

"The concentration of dots and lines expand the truth of our Kokoro (mind). There is no beginning and ending. It's about phenomenon and harmony between the dots and our mind " - Kosuke Masuda -

The artist explores the inner phenomenon of the truth in art between the object and mind. He starts with a tender point, makes it firmer, and works the way it feels good. It is like drawing a line, and every line is connected by space in between.

The connection with his lived Buddhism of viewing the finite and infinite simultaneously engages the viewer in meditation as they are immersed in a multitude of twisted and seemingly endless lines and tiny dots. Flowers, leaves, mountains, waves, stars . . . the universe, and yet they are only lines and dots that form their own harmonies.

Kosuke Masuda graduated from Elam School of Fine Arts from the University of Auckland , New Zealand. Born in Yokohama, Japan, he now lives with his family in a temple of esoteric Shingon Buddhism ( as known as Mikkyo-Buddhism). He is the father of two children who lives in the space between artist and monk. Masuda's art reflects this identity in its versatility of painting, calligraphy, and hand carvings of bicycle components.

The carvings on the bicycle are a harmony of movement, energy, and all the unseen dots of life in BETWEEN.

Open 12:00~Close 20:00

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