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登録日: 2022年8月29日


Happy 50th Anniversary to Modern Fax! Not many technologies enjoy a 50th anniversary. Even humankind’s true technological marvels, like NASA’s Space Shuttle (1981-2011)1, and ubiquitous devices we thought would last forever, like Sony’s cassette-playing Walkman (1979-2009) 2, rarely see 35. And today, May 5, 2014, modern fax celebrates 50 years of transmitting information across the globe. What better time to celebrate than take a look at the innovative ways the modern fax has reinvented itself over the years. From a 19th Century “telefax” which was invented before the telephone to a 20th Century way of transmitting business documents over phone lines, the fax from iphone has made its mark in the business world. Now faxing is a 21st Century cloud-based service which can be transmitted via the Internet and mobile devices to send and receive electronic documents without a fax machine, busy signals or paper jams. So Happy Anniversary! Let’s take a quick tour of your incredible transition from pre-modern faxing 150 years ago and into today’s modern fax. Improve Your Reputation, Bring You Better Talent, and Get You a Tax Break... by Going Green? You probably know making your office more eco-friendly can have the added benefit of saving your business money. Reducing paper waste, switching to more efficient energy sources for lighting, air conditioning and other utilities — these moves are good not only for the environment but also for your bottom line. Here are 3 other ways “going green” can be smart for your business. 1. Going green means a better reputation for your business With environmental responsibility a major topic of discussion in the news over the last several years, more consumers are expecting the companies they do business with implement eco-friendly practices. According to the Smart Steps to Sustainability report from the US Environmental Protection Agency, 73% of consumers believe it is important companies have good environmental records, and 75% say businesses should provide details about their companies’ impact on the environment. If you want to differentiate your business from your competitors, and attract green-minded new customers, one great way is to demonstrate your commitment to the environment by establishing sustainable practices in your business — and letting the public know you’re doing it. 2. Going green can bring you better talent and make your business more productive Making yours an eco-friendly business can help you attract not only more customers and better PR — but also attract more productive and like-minded talent to support and further expand your green initiatives. . A recent UCLA study finds the staff working for eco-friendly companies is 16% more productive than employees at businesses do not make environmental responsibility part of the culture. There are many reasons for this. First, with the environment such an important issue today, the more talented and sought-after employees who can pick and choose where they work are obviously making the green commitment of their would-be employers a factor in which jobs they take. Also, as the UCLA report finds, employees working for green-minded businesses tend to feel better about their jobs —they are helping to make a difference — and translates into higher levels of productivity. Bottom line: Going green means making green! Get more: Cheap Phone Faxs to India and Pakistan Sipgate to Cease their Services On 31st of October


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